Roundtable Discussion Report: Refocusing on public health and making an impact on adult vaccination from a life course perspective

The Coalition for Life Course Immunisation (CLCI) and MEP Cyrus Engerer co-hosted a round table discussion on adult vaccination and life course immunisation at European Parliament on 27 June 2023. The meeting brought together experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to discuss the importance of adult vaccination and the need for a comprehensive approach to immunisation across different stages of life.

The roundtable shed light on critical issues in vaccination policies, emphasising the importance of vaccination as a cost-effective healthcare solution and endorsing the need for Life Course Immunisation (LCI) in Europe. Country-specific presentations from France, Italy, Spain, and Lithuania revealed unique vaccination programs, historical progress, challenges, and vaccine uptake data. It was underscored that involving patients and the general public in these programs is crucial to counteract misinformation. The significant role of political support and policy amendments to boost these programs was highlighted, alongside the need for a collaborative and multi-disciplinary approach. It was agreed upon that data-driven, evidence-based guidance is pivotal for successful vaccination programs, and global and European commitments like the WHO European Immunisation Agenda 2030 can serve as beneficial frameworks. The discussions also raised the importance of ensuring equal access to vaccinations, particularly for high-risk groups. Lastly, a call to action was proposed to form an MEP Interest Group on LCI, endorsed by MEPs Tomislav Sokol and Cyrus Engerer, to translate these ideas into coordinated EU-level action.


Hitting New Heights

Hitting New Heights

This report has identified the main barriers affecting uptake of routine immunisation and outlines recommendations for stakeholders at a local, national and EU level.

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