The strength of CLCI is the wide range of expertise within its members and supporters, both individual and organisational.

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Our members are healthcare professionals, pharmacists, patient organizations, academics, and policymakers from across Europe, unified by their dedication to enhance life-course vaccination. Together, we blend unique insights from local, national, and global perspectives into our European policy and advocacy initiatives, fostering a collaborative environment for progressive change.


Our supporters are commercial companies and NGOs unified by a shared vision for life-course immunisation. As vital partners in our mission, we aim to foster sustainable partnerships and critical dialogues with our supporters to transform the landscape of life-course vaccination.

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Contribute to global public health policy and protect population health.

Stride forward with us to prevent disease through widespread immunisation. Together, we can redefine health landscapes and contribute to a world where everyone, regardless of age, can be protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. 

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