7 steps to life-course vaccination in Europe

CLCI Manifesto 2020 – 2024

CLCI is committed to the vision outlined in the 2014 European Vaccine Action Plan (EVAP): a European Region free of vaccine-preventable diseases, offering equal access to high-quality, safe, and affordable vaccines and immunisation services at every stage of life.

Our manifesto presents a renewed emphasis on this vision, as we believe it’s high time we deliver on this promise for the benefit of all: children, parents, families, and wider society.

CLCI, established in 2017, welcomes the Joint Action on Vaccination and the recent initiatives by the European Commission. We encourage all members of the European Parliament to sustain these efforts and actions for effective immunisation coverage.

To this end, CLCI has proposed a comprehensive 7-point strategy to guide our diverse network of expert members, including associations from civil society, academia, health, patient advocacy and the non-profit sector, in their advocacy efforts.

Together, we strive to prevent vaccine-preventable diseases at all ages and stages of life by promoting wide-scale immunisation’s health and economic benefits.


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7 steps to life course vaccination in Europe

What do we need to do to deliver a sustainable approach to Life-Course immunisation?

1 Develop strong and effective leadership to deliver the approach

A strong leadership is needed at all levels not just from the top. receivers of vaccines should also have a voice along with those charged with delivering vaccination and those who are responsible for setting policies and recommendations

2 Make vaccination a societal good

Vaccination at all ages and stages of life must become the ‘norm’ through education and information delivered using appropriate messages and platforms which reinforce individual and societal benefits and make receivers of vaccinations informed and demanding consumers.

3 Mobilise Healthcare professionals to decrease hesitancy and achieve optimal coverage

Healthcare professionals remain the most trusted group to deliver positive messages about vaccination – they need to be engaged to build public confidence in vaccination. Social platform role models and influencers need to be engaged in countering anti-vaccine proponents.

4 Develop innovative solutions to increase access

Vaccination at all ages and stages of life requires innovative actions to increase access for citizens by broadening opportunities for receiving information about vaccines and for receiving vaccines themselves into settings such as educational, working and leisure environments.

5 Develop robust comprehensive data collection systems and models to assist health-care providers and strategic decision makers at the tactical and operational level

Improved post-immunisation surveillance, data collection and research on the benefits of the lifecourse approach, including new economic models, are needed in order to support effective decision-making.

6 Bring together a diverse range of stakeholders to ensure success

Increased uptake of vaccinations at all ages and stages of life requires behavioural change. Achieving this requires commitment from all stakeholders including industry, healthcare professionals, policy makers, patient groups and the general public.

7 Budget for prevention

Vaccination remains a powerful and cost-effective primary prevention in the general population as well as those suffering from chronic diseases, reducing time away from work losses and hospital bed usage – not to mention decrease in suffering and death! At a time when healthcare budgets are under intense and continuing pressure, vaccination budgets need protection.


Contribute to global public health policy and protect population health.

Stride forward with us to prevent disease through widespread immunisation. Together, we can redefine health landscapes and contribute to a world where everyone, regardless of age, can be protected from vaccine-preventable diseases. 

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