Data-informed Decision-making: Driving life-course immunisation in National Immunisations Programs (NIPs)

CLCI works towards a vision where everyone, regardless of age or life stage, can be vaccinated and shielded from vaccine-preventable diseases (VPDs). Comprehensive life course immunisation (LCI) is critical for protecting the health of individuals and communities across Europe. The complexity of today’s health landscape and persistent vaccine access and uptake inequities call for a more systematic, data-driven approach to policymaking. Furthermore, harnessing the potential of data in vaccination decision-making requires a coordinated effort across various sectors.

Our recommendations

  1. Support NITAGs to utilise multi-dimensional data that tells the right story. Utilising clinical trial, real-world and conceptual data can address knowledge gaps and inform sustainable decision-making. This requires investment in both developing the data sets and upskilling the NITAGs.
  2. Standardise and harmonise diverse data sets to ensure interoperability. Platforms like the European Health Data Space (EHDS) can support European data harmonisation, ensuring robust data security and privacy policies.
  3. Utilise modern technologies to expand systematic testing and surveillance to predict and identify emerging health threats, define vaccination goals and evaluate annual vaccine uptake.
  4. Further open communication channels to share data and build public trust. Sharing data between government, healthcare, and industry supports decision-making, and open communication with the public can increase confidence in recommendations.

Addressing these calls to action will strengthen our collective capability to protect individual and community health across Europe. This future, underpinned by data-driven decisions, promises healthier lives and stronger communities. It is a future that CLCI is committed to realising.


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