Membership of the Coalition for Life-Course Immunisation (CLCI)

CLCI encourages membership across the spectrum of health-care professionals, pharmacists, patient organisations, academics and policy makers who have an interest in vaccination  and are interested in furthering the purposes of the CLCI.

Criteria for membership of the CLCI:

For membership of the CLCI we expect that you are:

  • interested in furthering the purposes of the CLCI by:
  • working to promotion the benefits of immunisation at all ages and stages of life;
  • addressing issues and barriers that prevent the more widespread implementation of life-course immunisation;
  • promoting awareness among policy makers and politicians, health professionals and the public of the importance of vaccination programmes for European citizens of all ages; &
  • seeking to promote these objectives by working at European and Member State level, as well as with other external stakeholders and Supporters.
  • Pharmaceutical industry companies and representatives not eligible to join as members but can join as Supporters.
  • If you are not on the above list but would like to become a member of the CLCI please contact us ([email protected]) to discuss your application.


Benefits of Membership:

Membership of the CLCI brings the following benefits:

  • being part of an expert community of like-minded and committed people;
  • being part of a united voice on key issues;
  • contributing to decision and policy making at the annual general meeting and the opportunity to attend other meetings;
  • receiving information through newsletters and the website;
  • including your logo and links on the CLCI website and vice versa: &
  • having opportunities to use and be involved in the building of resources, educational and advocacy tools to further the objectives of CLCI.


Duties of a member:

If you become a member of the CLCI you will be expected to  work in good faith to progress the purposes of the CLCI. In particular, Members are expected:

  • to support and promote the objectives of CLCI ;
  • to engage with CLCI by suggesting and/or producing material for the website and other resources; &
  • to engage by suggesting and supporting the realisation of activities which further the aims of CLCI.


How to become a member:

As soon as you send us the form, which you can download here, you will then be contacted by a member of the management team to discuss the best option for your involvement with CLCI.

Data that you submit will only be used for internal purposes related to your membership and will not be disclosed to any other person or organisation.

Download the Membership Application