COVID & Beyond

To herald European Immunisation Week we present our first snapshots from Europe’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout and its implications for vaccinations at all ages and stages of life….  The COVID-19 pandemic, declared by the WHO in March 2020, has had a profound impact on public health, economics and society. The pandemic sparked an unprecedented global effort to develop and deploy new vaccines. The success, development and approval of several COVID-19 vaccines have been hailed as a triumph of science.  Continue reading

Healthcare Professionals: Key advocates for vaccination

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are key advocates for vaccination across all ages because of the trust the public places in them. Almost 80% of Europeans would consult a medical professional for information about vaccines, and 65% consider them the most trustworthy source of information. Given this evident level of trust, there is a risk that hesitant or anti-vaccine HCPs could spread concerns about vaccines. However, HCP life-course immunisation (LCI) advocacy, through regular, community-level conversations and recommendations, has the potential to increase public confidence in vaccines and, ultimately, increase vaccination uptake. Continue reading

World Leadership Dialogue session at the World Congress in Public Health

The 16th World Congress on Public Health (WCPH) was held virtually on 12-16 October 2020. The theme of the Congress “Public health for the future of humanity: analysis, advocacy and action” is even more relevant now than ever before. It comes during the COVID-19 pandemic which has seen public health professionals around the world unite to work in solidarity to respond to COVID-19 both on the ground and in national decision-making.   Continue reading

Position Paper: Vaccine hesitancy - Deconstructing the challenge and finding solutions

Vaccine hesitancy exists across the globe and is seen not just in the public sphere, but also among health care professionals reducing uptake and ultimately costing lives. Vaccine hesitancy is driven by several factors: poor confidence in vaccines, experts, health authorities and industry; the inconvenience of vaccination services and difficulties of access; and lack of knowledge or even complacency around infectious diseases.  Continue reading

An ‘Immunization Week’ like no other

by Gary Finnegan (Editor of Vaccines Today and a trustee of CLCI. This article appeared on This year’s World Immunization Week takes place against the backdrop of a global pandemic which threatens to compromise routine vaccination just as the demand for vaccines soars. The tragic irony of public sentiment towards vaccination has always been that successful immunization campaigns dampen demand for vaccines. ‘Vaccines are a victim of their own success,’ it is often said.  Continue reading